Fiscal and Taxes:

The fiscal department is responsible for processing tax transactions generated by the organizations or corporations. The tasks in this area are done by highly qualified technicians, who closely examine the taxes owed using the very best technology.

See some of our Fiscal and Taxes:

  • Bookkeeping of the statutory tax books.
  • Issuing and guidance to issue NF.
  • Preparation of the ancillary obligations within the stated period.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements.
  • Validation of taxes paid.
  • Guidance as to the recovery of taxes.
  • Calculation of taxes on Sphere (Federal, State, Municipal).
  • Issuing forms, ICMS, DARFs, GIA and ISS.
  • Complete bookkeeping through Data Processing and SPED.
  • Transfer of accumulated credits process.
  • State and Federal debt statements.

A carga tributária tem grande relevância nos negócios das empresas, assim, as informações e direcionamentos fiscais são grandes aliados na gestão empresarial.