Our Key People

Marcelo Rolo

Partner in charge

Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, graduated in 1999. In 2006, specialization course on IFRS at London Business College (England).

Acted as chief accounting officer for more than ten years at Hertz Brazil and at Bellsouth. In 2005, founded Access BDS, accounting outsourcing company located in London. In 2008, founded Prime Consultancy, a company dedicated in providing accounting services in São Paulo. Marcelo speaks English fluently, and has a vast experience in IFRS and FASB.

Fabiana Rolo

Partner Financial & Juridical

Bachelor of Law degree, graduated in 2003. Currently attending graduate school for Civil Law Procedure.

Worked in the legal area for several law firms in the civil and labor sectors. Between 2006 and 2009 worked in London in the immigration department, citizenship and labor. In 2008, founded Prime consultancy and since then has been responsible for the legal and financial area.

Rodrigo Cruz


Accounting technician since 2000.

Rodrigo has been working in the area of legalization for more than 10 years. With a vast knowledge in tax proceedings, supervision and paralegals procedures, completed work of legalization in more than 20 states, having an outstanding performance in companies such as Young & Rubicam, IPC-A (Paulista Institute of Accounting and Auditing), Brazil Ecodiesel, Quicksilver, among other companies.

Elisangela Oliveira

Human Resources

Graduated in 2004 in Administration of Personnel Department.

Elisangela has been working in HR since 1990, has a vast knowledge in labor law and pension plans in various sectors. She has been working with large outsourcing companies since 1997, having a strong grip in management processes. Also did an outstanding performance in servicing outsourcing for BRA Aviation, Hydac, BBC Brazil, Virbac, among other companies.

Fabiana Seabra

Supervisor Tax Departmen

Bacharel em Ciências Contábeis desde 2011.

Fabiana has been working in the tax department since 2006. Has a vast knowledge in indirect taxes (ICMS and IPI) and her speciality in SPED tax. Fabiana has developed Tax Management issues in the commercial, industrial and telecommunication companies activities.