Nossa Prime!

Providing accounting, fiscal, corporate and personnel department services for over 10 years, , we are one of the biggest companies in São Paulo in the accounting area.

Prime is a renowned and awarded accounting and advisory company located in São Paulo, with representative offices in 48 cities around Brazil.

Our team has more than 80 professionals, specialists in their occupation fields. Our team of directors, managers and technical staff works in a motivated and transparent way, proactively and partnering with the client as a basis to achieve objectives and exceed expectations.

Providing accounting, fiscal, corporate and personnel department services for more than 10 years, we are one of the biggest companies in São Paulo in the accounting area. With great expertise to attend domestic and foreign clients, Prime’s portfolio consists of companies of different sizes and fields of operation, offering tailor made solutions for your business.

With implantation models based in the client’s necessities, market’s best practices and methodologies with proven efficiency, Prime Accountancy is capable of delivering projects that are adherent to the present and future needs of your company. We understand what is important for you and we make it our priority.

Our Values


All acquired or generated information regarding your business will be shared. Transparency in the execution of services and in business conduction is one of the main cornerstones of our organization.

Decision making

We support your decision-making process, not only with relevant information, but also acting as partners of your business, and exploring all possibilities in search of the best possible scenario for your company.

Proximity with the Client

We always seek to offer services with the quality that is expected from a big company, yet offering each client the same attention a small office does.

Accessible Team

You will have access to all our team, at all levels of management, no matter the problem or necessity you might have. It is one of our biggest priorities to provide quality services in the right timing for our customers.

Clear Communication

We believe that the best way to transform our technical knowledge into value for your company is by presenting it in a clear and simple language, so that there will be no doubts regarding information and the impact it has on your business.

Switch The Language

    A Prime Contabilidade presta serviços contábeis e paralegais, realizados por profissionais treinados e qualificados para oferecer informações precisas, priorizando sempre a melhor solução e construindo assim relacionamentos sólidos, de confiança e de parceria com seus clientes nacionais ou estrangeiros. Entender a necessidade da sua empresa, encontrar soluções inovadoras e compatíveis com o mercado, associados à melhor solução técnica, faz parte da Prime, uma empresa diferenciada, pois sempre busca a satisfação do cliente na sua expectativa máxima. Além dos serviços de contabilidade rotineiros, podemos também ajudá-lo com desenvolvimento de negócios e serviços fiscais especializados.